Komatsu excavator bucket tooth 207-70-14151

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Komatsu excavator PC300 bucket tooth 205-70-14151

As a professional Komatsu Style Bucket teeth manufacturer, we have full ranges of Komatsu bucket teethbucket tooth, bucket tips, bucket adapter, side cutter, like PC60, PC100, PC120. PC200. PC300, PC400. PC650. PC1000, PC1250, PC2000,with full ranges of bucket teeth and fast respoonse, we can provide you One-stop services.

Our GET spare parts achieves the best combination of impact and abrasion resistance by carefully selection of the right steels and properly heat treatment in harsh working environment.

More info., pls feel free to contact our sales.

PC300207-70-141516.4 小松PC300标准型斗齿Standard09244-02516
207-70-14151RC-B8.2 小松PC300岩石型斗齿Rock Chisel
207-70-14151RC8.1 小松PC300鱼鳞型斗齿Fish Rock Chisel
207-70-14151RC-38.6 小松PC300岩石型斗齿Rock Chisel
207-70-14151KS8.8 小松PC300岩石型斗齿Rock Chisel
207-70-14151TL8.4 小松PC300单尖型斗齿Tiger


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